7 Presets To Elevate Your Instagram Aesthetic


Why Is An Aestethic So Important?

Aside from the fact that a cohesive feed is visually pleasing, having a consistent aestethic becomes instantly recognizable by your audience. By using the same filter/preset, you create a “theme” or “look” across all your photos, even if the colors in the photos vary a little. People will start to associate your name with this aestethic.

With that being said, we’ve rounded up our Top 7 Presets To Elevate Your Instagram Aesthetic. Whether you prefer heavily edited, or minimal highlights, we’d be willing to bet you’ll find a preset here that fits your brand. Keep in mind that some of these presets offer multiple variations when you purchase. For example: If you decide to purchase the Mango Street Lab Presets, it comes with six different preset downloads.

Pro Tip: Picking a filter/preset requires some thought. You’ll want to think about the photos you’ll be taking, what kind of vibe (light/airy OR dark/moody) you want to come across and the overall color scheme.


#1: VSCO

available on android + iphone


#2 Tribe Archipelago

Lightroom presets


#3 Mango street

lightroom presets


#4 ty french presets

lightroom presets

IMG_1577 2.JPG
IMG_0354 3.JPG
IMG_0354 2.JPG

#5 chelsea jean presets

lightroom presets

IMG_3784 2.JPG
IMG_3785 2.JPG

#6 dreamy presets

lightroom presets

IMG_1598 2.JPG
IMG_0352 2.JPG

#7 tezza app

available on ios only - you can also edit videos with this app.


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