How To: Use Video To Grow Your Instagram

why is video so important for your content strategy?

It’s taken over our feeds, stories, and with the introduction of IGTV in the feed - video has become a key element to success on social media. Over 1 billion people use Instagram every single day, with 500 million of those users watching IG Stories daily. What does this look like for brands without a bunch of fancy video equipment or a huge budget to outsource video creation? It’s 100% possible to create high-quality content with a few tools, and a few of our favorite apps that you can download right to your iPhone.

Social Media will continue to evolve, and as theses trends ebb and flow, it’s clear that video is here to stay.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite tools to use for creating and editing video, along with some tips of how to incorporate video into your Instagram strategy to help build a larger, loyal audience.

Bonus: Top 3 Highlights You Need On Your Profile ASAP

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You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to create high quality content that your audience will love.

All you need is a few simple tools + a strategy.


First things first, let’s talk equipment

⚡️You’ll need a space to film - whether that’s in your home office or your warehouse. If you don’t have an “IG worthy” wall space, don’t worry. You can create one by using backdrops. THIS backdrop support system works wonders, and allows you to change out the color of your background easily. You also need color options, right? Choose a seamless background paper that fits your brand + aesthetic. THIS one by Savage is available in multiple colors, and both ship from Amazon!

⚡️Your iPhone is a GREAT option to film videos, whether they’re for in-feed posts or IGTV. Most of the newer iPhones allow you to shoot all the way up to 4K video. No need to run off and spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a video camera when you’re just starting!

⚡️You’ll need to keep your iPhone or camera steady. Tripods work best for this, and there are a number of options available for your to purchase. You can pick one up like THIS on Amazon for around $30. If you’re going to be recording video by yourself, make sure whichever stand you choose comes with a bluetooth remote.


all the apps you need to edit video like a pro



InShot allows you to add filters, adjust canvas size, add music + stickers, and add any text that might be needed to take your message one step further. The app is free to download, and has in-app purchases for more advanced design options.



Storyluxe is perfect for collages of photo + video, and have a more minimal approach. You’re able to change the backdrop and canvas size, but the ability to add text/stickers is not available with this app (unless the template has them built in).



Over is an all time favorite here at ICM for many reasons. Options are endless for creating graphics, photo + video editing. If you’ve run out of creative ideas, Over has hundreds of templates available. Free to download with in-app purchases.


How to: incorporate video into your strategy

Before you hit “record” you need to have a plan. How can video work for YOU? Think about these questions when planning your strategy:

⚡️What elements of your business are you comfortable with sharing?

⚡️What’s your total budget (time + money) for recording videos?

⚡️What type of behind-the-scenes content would you audience like to see? If you don’t know, ask! Post a poll on your IG stories and ask what type of content they’d like to see more of.

⚡️How much time will it take to record and edit these videos?

⚡️What are your goals with video? Generate more customers? Build a more loyal following? Encourage people to apply for jobs within your company? Each goal will have a different strategy.

Pro Tip: When incorporating a new element into your social strategy, it’s important to remember that consistency is key. Don’t commit to 3 new videos a week if you can’t release them on a consistent basis. Your followers will notice, and they will begin to lose trust in your brand.


bonus: top 3 highlights you need on your profile asap

these are a great way to showcase what your brand is all about

⚡️Meet The Team: Whether you run the entire show OR you have a team of 20, it’s important for your audience to see who’s behind the brand. This will help build a connection, and develop trust. Share roles, how long each team member has been with the company, and a fun fact!

⚡️What We Do: You’ve already got a short snippet of the services you offer in your bio (or your should), but IG highlights are the perfect place to go more in depth about each service or types of products you sell. Your ideal customers will be more inclined to click “book now” if they’re fully informed about what you can do for them, and those who aren’t your ideal client will move along (no time wasted).

⚡️Kind Words or Reviews: This is your social proof, and super important to include in your profile. It’s been said that an Instagram page is the “new” website, and with that being said - it’s important to include the major elements you’d typically see on a site on your IG. If you can tag a client/customer in the highlight, do so! They’ll love to know that their review is appreciated.


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